Refuelling – Trawler Diesel Oil or Denatured Diesel Oil*
Refuelling – National Diesel Oil and National Ecological Petrol
Lubricating oils
Bunkers for standard tankers – Excise Duty free
Maritime agency and Customs broker


distributore7* The above terms of Trawler Diesel Oil and Denatured Diesel Oil stand for Diesel Oil, for which the article art.1 DM 16/11/1995 n. 577 stipulates a certain Excise Duty Exemption.
Such product is designated for the boats, navigating in communitarian waters and implementing one of the following business activities: fishing, passenger and commodities transportation, along with a number of other goods and services of an onerous nature. Thus ther consignees of the above product may be trawlers, diving boats in possession of a regular loading / unloading authorization document, issued by the Harbour Master’s Office , as well as the charter boats in possession of a regular registration with the CCIAA, refuel/defuel authorization document and chartering contract.