Maritime agency, Shipments, Bunkering services,
Freight forwarding, Warehousing, Transportation.


Maritime agency

Professionalism and maximum concentration in dealing with all kinds of vessels operations in the regional harbours of Abruzzo. The commitment of the Agency personnel guarantees to the shipowners and the industry on the whole dedicated and timely services within the ports of Pescara, Ortona and Vasto and constant presence at their Docking Terminals and Freight Forwarding Zones. From 2000, with the opening of Pescara Office, the range of our services has been expanded with attendance to the Cruise ships, Ro/Ro Pax vessels, Catamarans and Yachts. Due to a number of new competences Ranalli Agency is now in a position to boast its flexibility and expertise and provide various solutions with great attention to the “continuous self-development and improvement”.

Customs clearance services

Customs clearance of import and export from and to non-EU member states
Simplified procedures
Temporary importation and exportation of goods
Re-importation and re-exportation of goods
TIR Carnet – ATA Carnet
Ministerial Authorizations requests, Approvals, Visas

Harbour Enterprise

Partnership with the Local Harbour Enterprise.
We offer a number of warehousing solutions at the Port of Ortona. Area coverage exceeds 4,000 sq.m. and is sectioned into two warehouses: one at the New River Dock and the other one 6 km away from the port. The above warehouses offer the storage of goods in various fiscal positions, being authorized by the Customs Authority to the Management of customs warehouse and VAT. Open storage areas of 4,000 sq.m. are located at the River and New River Docks. Other areas for temporary commodities storage are available on request.

Available equipment

n. 1 FANTUZZI REGGIANE harbour crane (capacity from 40 tons)
n. 1 AMERICAN Self-propelled crane (max capacity 120 tons)
n. 1 GROVE Self-propelled crane (max capacity 80 tons)
n. 1 LINK-BELT Self-propelled crane (max capacity 75 tons)
n. 1 LINK-BELT Self-propelled crane (max capacity 32,5 tons)
n. 8 Lift trucks (max capacity from 2,5 T. to 12 T.  with a number of accessories (hydraulic pliers, double forks, etc.)
n. 1 shore scale max weight kos 80.000