A prominent historical company in the maritime zone of Abruzzo


Our history

Archibugi Ranalli srl was established in 2001 due to the alliance of the historical ARCHIBUGI Agency operating in the ports of Ravenna and Ancona and RANALLI Agency of Ortona.
The strong temperament and great flexibility have determined a progressive increase with a strong attitude to the diversification of the services. At first the enterprise operated as a Tramp Agency for oil tankers supplying the local Coastal Warehouse, later on as a Yachting Agency promoting tourism in the area, and finally as a Catamaran Forwarding and RO/RO Pax Shipping Agency with direct connection with Croatia. Round the clock assistance and great helpfulness of the personnel insure high quality services in the port of Pescara for infrastructure companies and passengers.

 img02Our goals

We realize that a prospective industrial and commercial growth of Abruzzo might positively influence the development of the port of Ortona. Ranalli Agency being present in this area is available to program future basing on its historical moral and professional values.