The Port of Pescara

The total quantity of approaches and their cumulative length at the port of Pescara substantially exceed the average national quota. However, very damaging has become the draught on the internal part of the Port channel.
As of 2005 there has been a New External Commercial Port handling the traffic of RO/RO Pax ships and Catamarans during the summery period.
The urban area thus enjoys a good tourist receptivity conditioned also by a number of highway connections with Rome (E80 – A25 – A24) and Adriatic coast (A14). And finally Pescara boasts a historical trawler fleet and long harbour and tourism tradition.


Good tourist receptivity in the urban area
Presence of an equipped maritime station
Excellent ISPS organization
Very wavy internal part of the harbour, especially at the River Dock.
Direct highway connection with Rome and Adriatic coast Slow evolution process of the internal part of the harbour
Consolidated harbour tradition Cover-up. Dredging is needed regularly
A consolidated fleet of trawlers and active tourism Absence of a direct railway connection


In detail

1 – Riva quay

Length: 180 mt
Types of the commercial operations: Liquid commodities, General Cargo, RO/RO PAX
Actual draught:  mt.

2 – Levante quay

Length: 150 mt
Types of the commercial operations: Liquid commodities, Catamarans, RO/RO PAX
Actual draught:  mt.

3 – Canal harbour

Canal harbour intented for commercial Vessels – Fishing boats – transit pleasure yachts

4 – Turistic area (Marina of Pescara)

area intended for pleasure yachts